Protecting and restoring our oceans and waterways will require a big new creative wave of empathy and inspiration to match our science and policy. Fish Eye Project is right there making it happen and my brain is overflowing with ideas for their growing team of divers, scientists, and media makers!
— Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, Author of the Blue Mind
It was like being underwater with them.
— Trinity, Grade 6 student
It felt like we were communicating with an astronaut... only underwater.
— Feeny, Grade 6 student
I want to be a scuba diver now!
— Meghan, Grade 6 student
It’s like an underwater scavenger hunt!
— Lily, Grade 6 student
As the Mayor of Victoria, I am so proud of the Fish Eye Project. It is so moving and important that there is an opportunity for kids across the country and across the world to look, and touch, and feel, and ask “what is that you are holding in your hand right’s incredible! So really, I think this is the beginning of an international movement. 
- Mayor Lisa Helps


Wow. I got goosebumps seeing a ling cod. Never thought that would happen!
— Julie Holsworth, Teacher, Victoria, Canada
Truly an amazing experience. It brings science field trips to a 2.0 level. I can’t wait for the next one!
— Anthoine Mathieu, Univ de Montreal