We entertain, engage, and educate by connecting people to the world’s ocean through interactive Live Dives. Participants can see, hear, and talk to scuba divers, in real time, without getting wet.                                    


We break barriers, revolutionize ocean education, and inspire a new generation of ocean stewards. Imagine a world where everyone has the opportunity to explore, see the unseen, understand the importance of our ocean, and care, no matter where they are. This is the world we envision. 



  • We believe in the power of laughter
  • We play, laugh, entertain and provide a unique experience


  • We believe the ocean is a place of wonder
  • We infuse passion and heart into all that we do


  • We believe the ocean’s health is a shared responsibility
  • We respect our ocean and value its vital role in regulating the Earth’s environment


  • We believe hope leads to positive change
  • We contribute to make the world a better place for future generations


  • We believe sharing knowledge and increasing awareness is key to caring and learning
  • We explore and facilitate the discovery of our fascinating underwater world


  •  We believe everyone can be an ocean ambassador, including YOU
  •  We make the ocean accessible and put YOU at the centre of the experience


  • We believe participation and interaction enhance an experience
  • We tell ocean stories and we want to hear yours too