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Background and Reading 

  • Teacher tips for getting set up
  • Introduction to Saanich Inlet (lots of great reading)
  • Scuba diving equipment
  • Introduction to marine species
  • Map of location


  • Bingo & Dominos
  • Match the diving gear
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Word search
  • Crossword
  • Answer sheets


“It was like being underwater with them”
 - Trinity
“I want to be a scuba diver now!” 
- Meghan
“It kind of felt like we were communicating with an astronaut… only, underwater”
- Feenie
“It’s like an underwater scavenger hunt!”
- Lily
“They make really good technology these days!… I didn’t know they made masks with microphones”                                                                                          - Amelia
“Wow… I got goosebumps seeing a Lingcod. Never thought that would happen!” 
- Ms. Holsworth, Grade 6 Teacher