we revolutionize ocean education

Fish Eye Project gives everyone an opportunity to explore and see the unseen with interactive Live Dives. We call it edutainment

To date, Fish Eye Project has reached thousands of online viewers in over 35 countries!


On Sunday August 9, we explored Cadboro Bay on the West Coast of Canada! Supported by the Saanich Sustainability grant, Fish Eye Project explore the marine life in this region, and learnt more about ocean acidification in the Pacific.


in giant screen theatres

Our new trailer is out for the giant screen theatres launch on June 8, 2016 for World Oceans Day. Through a new cinematic experience, see, hear and ask questions to divers live from giant screen theatres.

Fiji live dive

Explore the deep with Fish Eye Project for a unique Ship2Shore experience in Fiji on April 29, 2016 at 12:00 PM (Pacific Time) or 3:00 PM (Eastern Time).



Fish Eye's concept and experience has been developed through the sweat and tears of over 25 dedicated volunteers. Thank you for further supporting us in continuing to inspire students, teachers, and schools around the globe in creating awareness and education about the ocean. 

Kelp and Critters by Subvision Productions takes you on a journey through four seasons of marine life in the Pacific Northwest. The often unique footage will awe, entertain, and educate you about the creatures that live in or near the ocean. All proceeds of Kelp and Critters go to support the Fish Eye Project. Click here to purchase Kelp and Critters today! DVD Preview available here