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Michael has over 35 years of experience working in the fields of environmental science and forestry. He graduated from Simon Fraser university with a BSc in Biophysics in 1982. During his career, he worked as a consultant for several companies including BC Research, Norecol Environmental Consultants and LGL Ltd. He has authored, or co-authored over 40 technical reports for government, mining and forest industries. Michael’s primary focus was in GIS, Photogrammetry, and computer software development. In 2005, he retired as a Principal in the forestry consulting company Forest Information Systems Ltd. Since retirement Michael has had the time to pursue his 42 year old passion for underwater photography and videography. He also volunteers his time to various non-profit organizations in the Victoria area, as well as provide mentorship to environmental science students at the University of Victoria. Michael is bringing to Fish Eye Project a wealth of experience and knowledge in the diving and technology realms and is actively involved in the planning, logistics, and technological aspects of the dives.


Sarah was signed up by a friend to do an open water course as a joke 6 years ago and she hasn’t looked back since. She has gone diving in the Galapagos, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Hawaii, and California, but the majority of her dives have been on Vancouver Island. When she is not diving, Sarah enjoys swimming, hiking, and climbing…just nothing that requires coordination. She comes from a marine biology background, having completed her B.Sc. at the University of Victoria in 2011. To the Fish Eye Project, she brings experience as a scientific diver from the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre and the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre.  Her most recent work with SODC was running the scientific diving program and showcasing the Salish Sea ecosystem to aquarium visitors.Sarah is always excited to share her passion for the ocean and looks forward to doing that with Fish Eye!


Keely is a Canadian diver, educator, and octopus enthusiast. She has been diving in British Columbia, French Polynesia, Iceland and Australia: a big contrast from her early life on the Albertan prairies. On moving to B.C. she discovered the wonders of octopuses and was thrilled when she was invited to Moorea, French Polynesia, to assist researchers studying the day octopus. The octopus team was joined by author Sy Montgomery, who featured them in the book "The Octopus Scientists" as part of the Scientists in the Field series. Keely has been working with researchers and scientists in many fields, and has had the incredible opportunity to be the voice for the kind of work that helps us to better understand our planet, oceans and the animals within it. As a speaker and educator, Keely works with the Fish Eye Project to bring classrooms and audiences underwater as part of streaming live dives; the kind of project that connects students that were once like her, landlocked and thousands of miles away from the ocean, to an incredible world under the waves. 


Roxanne is currently enrolled in her Masters in Environmental Education and Communication at Royal Roads University. She has a professional background in supporting small to medium-sized non-profits and charities with communications, educational programming, community development, and fundraising campaign management. With a deep love for the ocean and connecting others to nature, Roxanne is excited to be working with Fish Eye Project, and supporting them in engaging others with the ocean in an exciting way!


Cathy is a nature lover and an enthusiast of environmental protection; her heart was drawn to the passion and energy of the team at Fish Eye Project on her first encounter. Cathy brings business, organizational development, strategic planning and operational advice to Fish Eye as it expands on its innovative, engaging and inspiring educational journey: connecting local and global audiences to the fascinating underwater world. Principal Consultant and founder of The Rhapsody Group, Cathy brings a combined 15 years’ experience working for the Canadian Government– both domestically and internationally– and from her work in a senior leadership position with Canada’s national sport organization for cross-country skiing, fostering growth and excellence in youth development right through to Olympians. Additionally, Cathy brings Board of Director experience from several not-for-profit organizations. She has worked, studied and travelled extensively in South and Central America, Europe and South East Asia and is fluent in French and Spanish. Cathy received Bachelor’s degrees in Commerce – International Management, and Arts – Spanish Literature from the University of Ottawa, and is currently completing a Master of Arts in Leadership at Royal Roads University.


A diversified academic background in cinema, chemistry, coastal geomorphology and geomatics led Isabelle to work on airborne LiDAR surveys and the mapping of the coasts of Quebec. Born and raised in a bilingual milieu in Montreal, she fell in love with the sea and coastal environment when she was introduced to sea kayaking in the Gulf of Saint-Lawrence. When she decided to move from the East Coast and pursue new experiences, Victoria was an easy choice because being close to the ocean is an absolute condition for her happiness. She is still working on GIS and LiDAR modelling projects but also wants to explore geomatics as an educational tool, as well as being involved in nonprofit organizations. Add an insatiable curiosity and a young heart to the mix and you get a good fit to be involved in an exciting and innovative endeavour like Fish Eye Project. Her other interests includes playing music (cello), singing, jewelry making, sea kayaking, French cuisine, yoga and meditation.